International Winner,
Outstanding Sire,
Supreme Grand Champion
Broadsway Redding

 Red Ticked Tabby
Born: February 9th, 2004

TICA 2004-2005
International 8th Best Kitten
International 8th Best Cat

Northeast Region
Best Kitten
Northeast Region 2nd Best Cat


Our gorgeous litter of kittens out of Broadsway Wicked and Broadsway Kibby
L-R Broadsway Glitter Bear of Dracoonfly (photo by Olek Kuperberg), Broadsway Thorin of Tremethick (photo be Helmi Flick) Broadsway RedRyder of Cozycoon, Broadsway Queen Latifa of FrenchPaws, Broadsway Skyler (photo by Tetsu), Broadsway Autumn Bounty

Supreme Grand Champion
Mainelyclassic Eli of Clositercoon
(born and raised at Broadsway Cats)
Owner: David Billingsle

Grand Champion
Broadsway Summer Heat of Tropikoons

Owner: Stephanie Boulter

TICA & FIFe Champion
Broadsway Rockette of Grey Shadow

Owner: Maria Dobrowolska of Poland

SGC Mainelyclassic Madison of Broadsway
Owner: Rae Sammis

Congratulations to Broadsway Tigress of SilversCoons

Winning Second Best of the Best Kitten And Best Longhair Kitten
 in her FIRST show at the Blue Danube Cat Show!!!!!!!
Peter Major, Owner, Katharina Krenn, TICA Judge, and Brigitta Majorne Hajdu, Owner

Broadsway Coq Rouge of Bearcloud
Owner: Pil Refstrup

Broadsway Machias of Mtncats

Owner: Joyce Henderson


Broadsway Mr. Blue of Timilew


Owners: Timi & Lew Llewellyn


Mr. Blue was shown in both CFA and TICA. During the 2009-2010 show season, Mr. Blue became a Supreme Grand Champion Alter (SGCA) in TICA and received a RW (Regional Winner) title in both the Cat and Alters Class. This title is awarded to the top 25 highest scoring cats in each category in the Region. In addition, Mr. Blue attained the title of Grand Premier (GP) in CFA.

Broadsway High Hopes of Bluemania
Owned by Tracy and Steve Reed

Grand Champion Broadsway “CinderPaw” of RoyalLions
Double Grand Champion Broadsway “FirePaw” of RoyalLions

Owned by Janie and Allen Harris


Mother Williamina Chocolate Ripple of Broadsway, Brown Classic Torbie
with child Broadsway Damarascotta, Brown Ticked Tabby

Broadsway Puma of Royallions 
(Part-time Carpenter)

Owned by Madison Harris

Broadsway Lady Liberty of Windwalker
 (aka The Ninja) patrolling Sacramento, CA.

Owned by Marilyn Bryant and Jeff Muss

Supreme Grand Champion 
Broadsway Arizona of Cascademtn

Owned by Susan & Blair Milburn

Broadsway RedCorvette of CascadeMtn

Owned by Susan & Blair Milburn

Broadsway Tarzanna of Royallions

Owned by Janie and Allen Harris