Our love of the Maine Coon cat began in 1987.  At the time, TICA held a huge cat show at the famous Madison Square Garden in Manhattan, and we decided to go.  Despite our love of and experience with cats, we were simply stunned by the biggest and most impressive cat that we had ever seen.  By the end of Saturday, this boy was “in the lead” for winning best in show, and while we are not sure who first said “let’s come back tomorrow!” come back we did, sharing the joy of MtKittery Katahdin of Donnahugh’s winning Best Maine Coon cat, Best Long Hair cat and Second Best Cat in Show, all at just nine months of age!  Thus started our journey…we were hooked on Maine Coons, and Broadsway Cats was created to fulfill our passion.  The early years were dedicated to raising and showing alters, during which time we met many Maine Coon lovers and breeders and expanded our knowledge of the breed.  Eventually, we wanted more, and Broadsway Cats’ first litter was born in 1989.


Since that time nearly twentyfour years ago, we have bred, raised and shown Maine Coon cats, participated in the production of many cat shows and have mentored new Maine Coon breeders.  Broadsway’s  breeding program has resulted in the development of consistent “type” and great temperament.  We have been vigilant with regard to potential health issues that affect pedigreed animals in general, and we routinely screen for HCM, hip dysplasia and SMA specifically, utilizing DNA testing, echocardiography and x-rays.   We are breeder members of the Maine Coon Breeder and Fancier’s Association

Broadsway has placed show and pet cats coast-to-coast, in Europe, Scandinavia and Japan.  Our cats have successfully competed to regional and international titles.  We are most proud of breeding OS IW SGC Broadsway Redding, who was 8th Best Kitten and 8th Best Cat in 2004-2005.    Most recently Broadsway Redding sired LA SGC MTNest Midnight Cowboy, TICA’s Best Cat in 2007-2008, as well as IW SGC MTNest Dark Side o’ the Moon, (“Floyd”).

           Jennifer Sable and Jean Thompson  ~  Broadsway Cats